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How to promote a new channel on the YouTube


YouTube ranks first in attendance among all video hosts in the world. Its popularity allowed many bloggers to promote and become world famous personalities. Many people successfully promote their business or brand on the Internet, making entertaining and useful videos, and posting them on YouTube.

Streams are one of the favourite chips of many bloggers and their loyal viewers. Users love watching live broadcasts, having the opportunity to communicate with their idols online.

But only popular bloggers and opinion leaders, whose channels are subscribed to by hundreds of thousands and even millions of users, manage to gather a huge audience for their broadcast - even with so many audiences, only a few thousand viewers, but the most loyal, gather to watch the streams.

If a live broadcast on YouTube collects an abundance of audiences, this is an indicator of a high-quality, reliable and relevant channel, which advertisers pay great attention to. Such views show that the owner of the channel has really loyal subscribers who want to watch not only mounted videos, but also watch the content creation process and the blogger himself.

But what about when you still have a new channel and not enough subscribers who will gather in thousands to watch streams? To do this, you need to use specialized software, like stream-promotion.ru/en. This is a site with the broadest functionality and flexible pricing policy - you can buy viewers, subscribers and prime.

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